Sunday school lesson - NT - Christmas 4: The song of Zechariah

This is part 4 of our series of complete Sunday school lessons for advent and Christmas Day.

First advent Sunday– Zechariah meets the angel Gabriel who tells him that he and his wife Elisabeth are going to have a child, John.
Second advent Sunday – Mary is visited by the angel Gabriel who tells her that she will become pregnant and bear a child, who will be called the Son of God.
Third advent Sunday – Mary goes to visit Elisabeth.
Fourth advent Sunday – The birth of John the Baptist and the song of Zechariah.
Christmas Day – The birth of Jesus

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The Sunday school lesson consists of the following ideas: 

I can't see anything! - a children's moment
Can you feel dark and light? - an icebreaker
Watch the video ‘Indice 50’ - YouTube video and discussion
The rainbow in the milk - a fun science experiment
A barn filled with light - a creative activity
I’ll just write it down - a creative activity
Sign language - a creative activity
Paving the way - a Bible game
How can I not forget? - a Bible game
Prayer decorations for the tree - a crafts and creative prayer idea

Download the PDF booklet with all these ideas:

We have created an illustrated PDF booklet containing these creative ideas. Using this PDF booklet you can print all these ideas at home at your leisure: see below.

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