Experiment: Baptism of Jesus - How to pierce a potato with a straw

A fun way to tell the story of John the Baptist and the baptism of Jesus

In this Bible story, everything is pierced. Jesus pierces the water. God's Spirit pierces heaven and lands on Jesus like a dove. God's voice pierces the air and becomes audible to everyone.

In this experiment we are also going to try to pierce something, namely a potato with a straw. That seems impossible, just as no one could have expected God's Spirit to come like a dove,  and God’s voice to be heard.

How to pierce a potato with a straw creative kidswork experiment

What do you need:

-  thick A 4 paper 120 / 160 grams in the following colours: brown, blue, white, gold, black and red.
-  a pair of scissors

What do you do:

Tags: Object lessons, Experiments , Biblical persons - New Testament