YouTube video - Jesus, the King of the Jews: 'The eyes of a child'

Use this secular YouTube video to hold a creative discussion with the children about the Bible story of the crucifixion of Jesus

In this film, parents and children watch a video in which people pull funny faces. They have to imitate what they see on the video. This all goes fine until the next person on the video is a disabled child who sticks her finger in her nose in order to pull a funny face. The children just copy her, but the adults are suddenly aware of what they are doing and don't participate.

This idea is part of a complete Sunday School lesson on the Bible story of the crucifixion of Jesus (Matthew 27: 27-38)


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How does this film apply to today's Bible story?

In the Bible story Jesus is ridiculed. The soldiers mock him, make faces at him and pretend he is a real king. In this video you're allowed to pull funny faces. But when the person doing this has a disability, the adults find it difficult. This begs the question: How do you deal with people who are 'different'?

Important questions:

It’s important to always watch the film yourself beforehand and to ask yourself:
- do I want to show this to the children?
- does this film work in the context and age-range of the children I am working with?
If you choose to show this YouTube video, we suggest you use the following steps:

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