Creative discussion - Barabbas or Jesus: 'Why doesn't Jesus defend himself?'

Jesus didn't defend himself - should we?

In the Bible book of Isaiah, the prophet writes about Jesus: "God's servant was abused, but he did not resist. He remained silent..." Does this mean for example that children have to keep their mouths shut when they are bullied? This is a good way to think about this question.

This idea is part of a complete Sunday School lesson on the Bible story of Jesus, Barabbas and Pontius Pilate ( Matthew 27: 1-2, 11-26 ).


Do dreams come true creative discussion on bible story of Jesus and Barabbas Easter activity for Sunday school or childrens ministry

What do you need?

- 4 pieces of paper with the following words: 
Do nothing - Fight back - Ask for help - Stand up for yourself

Download the worksheet here:

Our different reactions on bullying

What do you do?

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