Storytelling tips - Abram's call: ‘Change the story into a short play’

As you read the story to the children, or even better, as you tell the story to the children, you can have the children act the story out:

Scene 1: Abram is in Haran and hears God’s voice (two children)
Scene 2: Abram convinces Sara and Lot (three children)
Scene 3: Abram travels with his family, his servants and slaves and all his animals to the promised land. (all the children)
Scene 4: Abram ‘sees’ God in Canaan and builds an altar (2 children)


Clothes for the ‘actors’:
You can use cheap pieces of cloth. If you cut a big hole in the middle of a rectangular piece of material, the children can put their heads though the holes and wear them.

Important questions:
Ask the ‘actors’ and the children that are watching some of the following questions before, during or after the different scenes.

You will find twenty five questions to choose from below….

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