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In her song with her aunt Elisabeth, Mary sings that she has been blessed by God. What does this mean? In the case of Mary it meant that she:

- is chosen by God
- is special in God’s eyes
- is honoured
- receives good things from God

As children of God we have also been chosen by Him. We are also special. We are also honoured – we may call ourselves sons and daughters of the Most High. We also receive good things from God. But how can we make that clear to the children?

What is the meaning of being blessed an object lesson about Mary song when meeting her autn Elisabeth in Luke 1 verse 39 till 56

In this activity we’re going to use four gifts to teach this to the children. In each gift there’s something to help them understand what it means to be blessed.

What do you need:

- a beautifully wrapped gift containing badges that say ‘Chosen by God’
- a beautifully wrapped gift containing two mirrors: one that has written on it: ‘I am special because…..’ and the other that has written on it ‘God thinks I’m special because…..’
- a beautifully wrapped gift containing a golden plastic crown
- a beautifully wrapped gift containing a dream cloud (using white card cut out the shape of a cloud).

Gift 1 – I have been chosen by God

Ask one of the children to open the first gift. It contains enough badges for each child. The badge reads ‘Chosen by God’. The children can put on the badges.
Tell the children how Maria was chosen by God to carry his child, and how we have all been chosen by God to be his child. That’s just as special. Elisabeth called Mary blessed because she had been chosen by God. We too can call each other blessed, as we have been chosen by Him.

Ask the children to tell each other that they are blessed. How does that feel?

Gift 2 – God thinks I’m special 

Ask another child to open the next gift. In it there are two mirrors. The text ‘I am special because….’ has been written on the first mirror. Show this one to the children first and have them take it in turns to look in the mirror and say what makes them special. This could be anything – where they come from, what they want to be, a hobby they have, or something that they are good at. Elisabeth thinks Mary is special, because God thinks she is special. This is why she calls Mary blessed. You’re blessed because God thinks you’re special.

Take the second mirror – on this one is written: ‘God thinks I’m special because…”

Ask which of the children wants to hold the mirror and finish the sentence.

Do you know what’s so great? God thinks we’re all special. He made us. He loves us. He chose us to be his sons and daughters. God loves you just as much as He loves Jesus, and if you discover that, you will really be able to call yourself ‘blessed’.

Gift 3 – I feel honoured

Ask another child to open the third gift – in it there’s a golden toy crown. The children can take turns to wear it. When a child is wearing the crown ask the other children to look at him or her and say ‘You are a child of the Most High’. The child answers ‘I feel honoured’. The children can then answer, ‘We are honoured too, because you are a part of this group’.

We may feel honoured when we discover : - that we are sons and daughters of the Most High. - that we are part of a group in which others are also sons and daughters of the Most High.

Gift 4 – good things from God

Ask a child to open the last gift. This contains the dream cloud – ask the children to take turns holding it.

When a child is holding it, ask him or her:
- which famous person would you like to be friends with?
- what would be the best thing that that person could say about you?

When each child has had a turn, tell them that it’s fun to dream, but that those sorts of dreams seldom come out. But there is another dream that can come out. God says that He wants to be our friend.

Ask the children to hold the cloud again in turn and say what the greatest think would be that God could say to them.


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