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Lindsey and I see Creative Kidswork as a ministry to children's workers from all over the globe. It is our passion to keep on developing this site as a resource, and to add hundreds more ideas and lessons in the coming years.


To make this possible we ask a contribution of 25 dollars a year towards the costs of running and developing the site. But only to those who can afford to contribute...

As a ministry we are very happy to give free memberships to those who cannot afford them. If you live in a developing country, are on state benefits or on a very low income, you can get in touch with us and we will give you a free membership.

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Your membership will be automatically renewed each year, but you will receive a reminder before the renewal date, which will give you the opportunity to cancel your membership if you require. Of course you can also send us an email at any time to say that you do not want to renew your membership.

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It is hard to put a price on unlimited access to the hundreds of ideas and lessons on the site. We hope that the contribution of 25 dollars a year is a fair amount to you, which will enable us to keep on creating new ideas!

We have made it simple for you to join! Just follow the link below. You can pay by creditcard or Paypal. a creative prayer idea fpr ypur Sunday school lesson 9

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