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Game - OT: Joseph (2) in the well - Throw it into the pit!

Use this fun Bible game to teach about the Bible story of Joseph in the pit

The brothers take hold of Joseph and throw him into the pit. In this game we’re going to try to do the same with a towel and a ball. Is it going to work?

This activity is part of a comprehensive Sunday school lesson on Joseph being thrown into the well by his brothers in Genesis 37: 12-36.

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What you need:

  • two waste paper baskets
  • two towels
  • two balls
  • tape

Let's start...


Tell the children who the brothers took hold of Joseph and threw him in the pit. In this game we’re going to try to do the same with a towel and a ball. They are the brothers, the ball is Joseph, and the rubbish bin is the pit!

Make two lines on the floor with the tape – one is the start line and the other is the line from which the teams have to try and throw the ball in the bin.

Divide the children into two teams and have them make pairs within their teams.

Both teams start behind the first line. The first pair have to take hold of the towel and carry the ball on the towel up to the second line. Once they have reached this line they have to work together to try to throw the ball into the bin from its position on the towel, using the towel as a large catapult. They can have as many goes as they need – make sure that you have two leaders standing ready to give them back the ball if they miss. 

Once they have done this they go back to the starting line and the next pair in their team can start. 

If the pairs drop the ball while carrying it on the towel then they have to go back to the starting line and start again.

The first team in which all pairs have managed to get the ball in the bin is the winner.

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