Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Who’s behind Creative Kidswork?

ThijsCreative Kidswork is an initiative of Matthijs and Lindsey Vlaardingerbroek. Matthijs has been involved in Christian children’s work for over twenty five years, and has collected a whole archive of creative ideas. Creative Kidswork came about because of a desire to share these ideas with other children’s workers. As well as all Matthijs’ ideas, there are a number of others who have freely made their ideas available to Creative Kidswork. Thank you!

Matthijs currently travels all around the Netherlands, giving (Christian) children’s shows in churches, family services, Bible clubs and primary schools.

What’s the vision behind Creative Kidswork?

Faith is like life – a huge adventure. Surprising, moving, challenging, at times boring, at times capricious. You know that you’re on a journey, but it’s not always clear what the destination is. Is it? It can be good to have a fellow traveller.

Someone to encourage  you, to inspire you. Someone who comes alongside you and leads you to the top of the mountain. Someone who helps you through the valley where the questions and doubts are breathing down your neck. Someone who is willing to kick down a rusty fence if necessary, so that you can continue on your journey.

This is who you are for the children with whom you work!

This is who we want to be for you!

We love to help fellow children’s workers continue their journey with new insights, inspired or strengthened, and knowing what the next step is. With the wind in your sails, ready for the rest of your adventure!


How can I become a member of Creative Kidswork?

It’s very simple to join. Using the ‘Become a member’ button you can sign up for a free membership.

What’s the easiest way to search the site?

There are three ways to search the site:

1) The roughest way of searching is to use the categories at the head of the site. Here you can find all the ideas, or all ideas for children’s moments, or all ideas for creative prayer, all ideas for Sunday school lessons, for RE lessons, for school assemblies, for gospel magic and for creative preaching

2) A more accurate way of searching is to use the categories on the right hand side of the site. Here you will find about 30 - 50 categories to choose from.

3) If you are looking for a specific person in the Bible, a theme or a word, then you can use the green 'Search engine' button on the top of the page on the right.

Why can I only see part of an article or idea?

To see the rest of the article, you need to log in to Creative Kidswork. For this you have to register for a free membership. 
As soon as you have logged in, you can see the whole of the website.

Are all the ideas only available to members?

Not at all! On the home page there are always three free videos with creative ideas.

Also there are always about fifteen to twenty free ideas on the site, to give you an impression of the kind of ideas you can find on the site.
You can find all these ideas by clicking on the category ‘Free ideas’ .

What is creative prayer?

How can we help children (and also adults) to really communicate with God? With this question in mind, Matt Vlaardingerbroek has looked for ways of praying that go further than ‘let’s shut our eyes and fold our hands’. Forms of prayer in which we use as many of our senses as possible, and in which as many children as possible can participate.

What is a children’s moment?

A children’s moment is an element in a church service that is focussed on the children. It usually lasts about 5 to 8 minutes, and is the most meaningful if the children’s moment is linked to the theme of the service, the children’s work that morning or the preach.

On Creative Kidswork there are more than a hundred creative children’s moments that you can use or amend to fit the theme of the church service.