Creative discussion - Barabbas or Jesus: 'Do dreams come true?'

A group discussion about the dream that the wife of Pontius Pilate had about Jesus

The very moment that Pilate is about to make his decision on what to do with Jesus, he receives a message from his wife who had had a dream about Jesus. What should he do about her dream?

This idea is part of a complete Sunday School lesson on the Bible story of Jesus, Barabbas and Pontius Pilate ( Matthew 27: 1-2, 11-26 ).


Do dreams come true creative discussion on bible story of Jesus and Barabbas Easter activity for Sunday school or childrens ministry

What do you need?

- glass with fresh water
- glass with sour or bitter tasting water ( you could use lemon juice for sourness)
- glass of salt water

What do you do?

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