Index: Biblical persons - New Testament

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The index below is sorted by New Testament Biblical persons. Click on the link to see the list of ideas that connects with that Biblical person.

Underneath this list you'll find two extra lists with New Testament stories that are easy to tell:

 Bartimaeus - blind man
*  Canaanite woman - sick daughter
*  Centurion - with sick servant
*  Disciples of Jesus
Herod - king
Jairus - ruler of the synagogue
Jesus - Son of God
*  John the Baptist
*  Lame man - at the Beautiful gate

 Lazarus - raising of
*  Shepherds
*  Magi - wise men
*  Martha & Mary
Mary & Joseph

Paralysed man - through the roof
*  Paul - apostle
*  Peter - disciple
Philip - meets the Ethiopian

*  Pilate
Rich Young Ruler
Samaritan woman - at the well
*  Silas - friend of Paul

 Thomas - disciple
*  Zacchaeus - tax collector
Zachariah & Elisabeth