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Bible story: David and Absalom's rebellion

Creative activities based on the Bible story of David and Absalom's rebellion

In 2 Samuel chapters 13-18, we find a story of family conflict and betrayal between David and his son Absalom. Absalom sought to overthrow his father and become king, leading to a long and bloody battle. Despite his love for his son, David had to fight against him to protect his kingdom. This story teaches us the importance of love and forgiveness within families, and the damage that can be caused by jealousy and conflict. It also reminds us of the consequences of disobedience and rebellion against authority, and the importance of seeking God's guidance and wisdom in all our relationships.

On this page you will find creative ideas, resources and activities relating to the Bible story of David and Absalom, which you can use in your children’s work, children’s church, Sunday school, or Christian primary school.