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Bible story: Zacchaeus the tax collector

Creative activities based on the Bible story of Zacchaeus the tax collector

Luke 19:1-10 tells the story of Zacchaeus, a wealthy tax collector who lived in Jericho. Despite being despised by the people for his profession and perceived greed, Zacchaeus was eager to see Jesus and climbed a tree to catch a glimpse of him as he passed through the town.

When Jesus saw Zacchaeus in the tree, he called out to him and invited himself to his house. This gesture of acceptance and friendship changed Zacchaeus' heart and he repented of his ways, promising to give half of his possessions to the poor and repay anyone he had cheated four times over.

The story of Zacchaeus highlights the transformative power of encounter with Jesus, even for those considered the most unlikely or unworthy.

We have compiled a range of creative ideas and activities below that relate to this Bible story. These resources are designed to help you share this important message in an engaging and interactive way, whether you are a children's ministry leader, a Sunday school teacher, or a religious educator in a Christian primary school.

Our activities below are suitable for use in various settings such as church children's programs, children's ministry, catechism classes, children's services, Bible clubs, vacation Bible school, and Sunday school, and will help students understand the relevance of the Bible to their lives, and the importance of applying its teachings in practical ways.

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