466. Six reasons why you should use more object lessons

Re-discover the power of an object lesson:

Here at Creative Kidswork we offer you literally hundreds of fun, Biblical, easy to do object lessons that you can use within your Sunday school lesson or kids ministry. We at Creative Kidswork really believe in the power of the object lesson. Maybe we can get you also excited about them by giving you six reasons why you should use them.

Free Sunday school lessons

1. They can help you to communicate an (abstract) Biblical truth in a clear and easy way.
The most important reason why we believe in object lessons is that they can help you to communicate an (abstract) Biblical truth in such a way that even small children will understand their meaning. With the help of an object lesson children can suddenly start to grasp the spiritual truths that you are teaching them. Isn’t that great?

2. Object lessons are fun!
They always carry an element of surprise. “What is going to happen this week? Which cool experiment are we going to take part in this Sunday?” And the great thing is: they are often so easy to do and you can find them all here on the site. This makes it fun not only for the children, but also for you.

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288. One thing we should never do to children in a church service (but we do any way...)


One thing we should never do in a church service

It is ten minutes into the church service. The worship leader or pastor says: “During the next song the children will leave us and go to their children’s programme.” As the music starts all the children stand up and walk out of the church service to do their own thing.

What is wrong with this picture?

Every Sunday morning we are teaching children that it is okay to walk out of the church service to do their own thing. Just think about it! Every time they are in church we physically make them walk away from us. What lesson are we teaching them subconsciously by doing this?

It is a sad fact that one day when they are twelve, fifteen, eighteen or maybe twenty years of age some of our children will walk away from church to do their own thing and never come back.

Could there be a correlation between us making them walk out of the church service week in week out and them then leaving us for good? We don’t know. There has probably never been any serious research done about this. But can we take the chance?

What steps can we take to start breaking this pattern?

Maybe we can make a small start by trying to do a ‘Let’s turn things around’ service a few times a year. The idea is that the timing of these services will be a surprise. Nobody knows when they are going to happen. Those not organising it will only know when, ten minutes into the service, the worship leader or pastor will say with a smile on his face: “Today is a ‘Let’s turn things around’ service!  Today all the children will stay in the service and the adults will spread out over the rest of the church to do their own thing.”

The children wave to the parents who get up and walk out of the service. They go to the rooms normally used for children’s work where they have a small group programme with coffee, Bible study and some creative teaching methods. The children who stayed in their seats have a fun children’s programme just for them.

This is not only a fun thing to do. It also breaks the subconscious pattern that says: “The adults in the church are more important than our children.”

Sure, some adults will complain. Maybe even write a letter or threaten to go to another church. But if you explain why you do this and teach the importance of cherishing our children there is a big chance, you’ll not only get away with it, but they will maybe even thank you for it!

257. Five reasons why it is crucial to invest in children's ministry


reasons childrens ministry

1. Children are the church of today

It is easy to see children as the church of the future and see children’s work as something just intended to keep children occupied while adults listen to the preach. When we look at and treat children in this way, we will commicate to them that they don’t really belong and can’t really contribute, and there is a big chance that they will leave the church when they become teenagers.

Children very much belong to the church of today. Within our children’s ministry we can encourage them to practice their gifts and talents for the benefit of the other children and the wider church.

2. Children are also the church of the future

The children in our churches today are the leaders of the church tomorrow. When we invest in them today, we as a church and a wider society will reap the benefits in the future. You’re not just telling Bible storiessinging songs or playing quizzes. Through your kids ministry you’re developing a new generation of followers of Jesus who will make their mark within the church and the wider society.

3. Jesus demonstrates the importance of children

Time and time again Jesus shows us the importance of children. He puts a child on his lap and tells his disciples that unless they become like children they will not enter the Kingdom of God. He blesses the children and when adults push them away Jesus rebukes them and draws them into the centre.

Let us follow His example and go beyond teaching children within our kids minstry. Let us take a step further and become like children, learn from children, bless children and let’s place them in the centre of the church.

4. Children’s ministry is Biblical

Several times in the Bible we are encouraged to teach children in the ways of the Lord. This is a task for parents, but also for the wider community of believers. Jewish children were not only taught Bible knowledge (which is very important), they were taught to walk in these ways. Growing in your faith is learning to walk, talk and act as a follower of Jesus. Within children's ministry we can be a Paul to a Timothy or a Deborah to Barak.

5. Kids ministry is fun for the children and hopefully... for you!

We have looked at four serious reasons to invest in kids ministry. The last one is less serious, but just as important. We should invest in kids ministry because it is fun for the children. But not only for the children. We hope that through all the ideas on this site it will also be fun and uplifting for you.

If you are already involved in kids ministry we want to say: “Thank you! Thank you for your love for children, your time, your involvement, your talents, your perseverance, your openness. Thank you on behalf of all those children that you bless!”