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Daily Tip - Children's ministry: It is all about communication

Everyday tip for your Sunday school lesson or children’s ministry


Children's ministry is all about communication

The most important word in children's work is communication. There are three factors in communication:

1. The bringer
2. The receiver
3. The means by which the bearer communicates

These three factors always go hand in hand. These three factors are also reflected in children's work. First of all, there is the child worker. This is the one who tries to communicate something to the children. The children are the recipients. They are the ones to whom you try to make something clear. The means you use for this can be anything.

So the child worker, the bringer, tries to make something clear to the children, the recipient, by means of a programme. I think that as child workers we all know that this does not always work. It is then important to look at which of the three factors it could be. Is it just me? Is it because of the children? Or is it perhaps because of my programme?

How else could I do it to get the desired result? Do I need to change my attitude? Do I understand the children I work with? Is my programme tailored to their level and age group? Can I add new ingredients to my programme in order to be able to communicate well?


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Scripture reference: Genesis 1:5
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