Daily Tip - Creation: 01. In the beginning...

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# Object lesson on creation

Bible verse:

Genesis 1: 1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

In the beginning...

How do you explain to the children in your Sunday school, children's service, children's work or in the classroom what 'in the beginning' means?

You could start by asking about their earliest memories. What is the first thing they can remember? That is the beginning for them.

Then take a ball of wool and roll it off slowly. Place the children's memories on the first five centimetres of the ball of wool.

Ask the children what they know about history. As you roll off the ball of wool, you slowly talk through the history of mankind. At the end you come to the beginning. The beginning of the ball of wool, but also at the beginning of creation.

Tell the children that the Bible starts at the very beginning.

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Scripture reference: Genesis 1:1
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