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Icebreaker - Abram's call: ‘Which countries do you know? – 1’

A fun ice breaker about God calling Abram in Haran - suitable for younger children

Abram had to travel from Haran to Canaan. Two strange places with strange names.

Where is Haran? Where is Canaan? This activity will help the children to place the story of Abram in a geographical context.  

Maybe we can make a small start with this activity for the younger children. 

Which countries do you know a fun ice breaker about the Bible story of God calling Abram for Sunday school Bible lesson youth work kids ministry 2

What do you need:

- a map of the world
- pen and paper

What do you do:

As the children are sitting in a circle you ask them which countries they know. How many countries do we know all together?

Write all the countries down on a big list.

Today we are going to look at someone who used to live in Haran and had to move to the country of Canaan.

Who has ever heard of Haran and Canaan? 
Can we find these places on our world map?

See if you can find them with the children. 


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