Sunday school lesson - OT - Joshua: ‘Joshua's defeat at Ai’

Download the PFD booklet with six great ideas on this Bible story

Are you looking for a complete Sunday school lesson on the Bible story of Joshua's victory at Jericho and his defeat at Ai? It is quite a hard Bible story to do with Achan's sins and the severe punishment that follows. Maybe it is a Bible story that you prefer to skip within your youth ministry, Sunday school lessons or Bible lessons.

Joshuas defeat at Ai 6 creative ideas for your Sunday school lesson kidmin VBS youth ministry childrens church kids church childrens ministryWe offer you six creative ideas on this Bible story for you to choose from:

*  A mighty peg? - an object lesson
*  It is hard to humble yourself - an object lesson
*  Let’s build a tower - an object lesson / Bible game
*  Mr. Torch and his friend Battery - an object lesson / alternative story
*  One drop too much! - an object lesson
*  How to tell difficult Bible stories? - a science experiment

Download the PDF booklet with all these ideas

We have created an illustrated PDF booklet containing these six creative ideas. Using this PDF booklet you can print all these ideas at home at your leisure.

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