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Use this secular YouTube video to hold a creative discussion with the children about the Bible story.

A father made of wood has a son made of iron. The fire in his son’s heart needs feeding with wood to keep it burning. The son eats everything that is made of wood – even their house collapses. The iron son sees what this is doing to his wooden father and runs away. Because he has no more wood to feed the fire, it goes out and he nearly dies. His father then puts a windmill in his heart, which also gives him energy, and the son comes back to life.

Hewn Use this YouTube video to talk about Bible story of Abram and Lot separating Sunday school lesson Bible lesson Youth ministry VBS Kidmin childrens church 

Why is this film applicable to the story of the call of Abram? 

Abram and Lot are in a struggle for water and food. As in this film, there is not enough for both of them and their families. What do you do then?

In the Bible story Abram and Lot separate. In the video the father looks for a solution which means that they can stay together. Which is better?

Important questions:

It’s important to always watch the film yourself beforehand and to ask yourself:
- do I want to show this to the children?
- does this film work in the context and age-range of the children I am working with?

If you choose to show this YouTube video, we suggest you use the following steps:

Download the PDF

Due to the length of the text this idea can be downloaded as a PDF.

Download the PDF:  Hewn-a YouTube video and creative discussion

Watch the video:


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