Sunday School lesson - OT - Abram 1: ‘Abram follows God’s voice’ - FREE

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Are you looking for a complete Sunday school lesson on the Bible story of Abram being called by God to go to Canaan in Genesis 12: 1 - 9?

Abram follows Gods voice a complete Sunday school lesson with 14 creative ideasWe offer you the following fourteen creative ideas for your Sunday school lesson.

We understand that these fourteen ideas are way too many to fit into just one Sunday school lesson, but we want to give you the opportunity to pick and mix, so that you can choose the ideas that fit with you and with your group of children.

Here are the following fourteen ideas for your Sunday school lesson for you to choose from:

*  Which countries have you visited? - an introductory activity
*  Are you a good listener? - a children's moment
*  I am going on a journey… - an icebreaker
*  Which countries do you know? - an icebreaker
*  How do I tell the story of Abram? - a storytelling tip
*  Scraps - YouTube video and discussion
*  Build your own old fashioned phone - a fun science experiment
*  I know that sound! - a creative activity
*  Quite a walk! - a creative activity
*  A suitcase race - a Bible game
*  Let’s travel to Canaan - a Bible game / quiz
*  Create your own paper sandals - a crafts idea & game
*  Footsteps in paint - a crafts idea
*  Let’s build an altar together - a creative prayer idea

Download the PDF booklet with all these ideas

Download the booklet:   'Abram follows God’s voice'


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