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YouTube video - Jesus in Gethsemane: ‘The early hatchling gets the worm’

Use this secular YouTube video to hold a creative discussion with the children about the Bible story.

A small chick finds a worm, who then becomes her best friend. They play together all the time. One morning when she wakes up the worm is gone. As she goes out to look for him, she sees another chick with a worm in its beak. She finally succeeds in getting the worm back out of its beak, but it turns out to be the wrong worm. She throws the wrong worm away and rushes over to hug her real friend who has just showed up.

The early hatchling gets the worm use this Youtube video to talk about Jesus betrayal Sunday school lesson kids church Bible lesson childrens ministry kids ministry youth work 

Why is this film applicable to the story of the betrayal of Jesus? 

Our story today is about friendship, and also the things that can go wrong in a friendship. At the lowest point in his life, Jesus’ friends are not there for him. They fall asleep, betray him, deny knowing him, and even resort to violence, because they really don’t know what to do any more.

Important questions:

It’s important to always watch the film yourself beforehand and to ask yourself:
- do I want to show this to the children?
- does this film work in the context and age-range of the children I am working with?

If you choose to show this YouTube video, we suggest you use the following steps:

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