Object lesson - Joseph forgives his brothers: ‘Stewed apples’

Use this fun creative activity to teach about the Bible story of Joseph reconciling with his brothers

When Joseph looks back on his life he sees God’s hand in the things that have happened. If Joseph had been an apple, people would have dropped him, peeled him, kicked him, and cut him into little pieces. But eventually Joseph sees that God used all this to make delicious stewed apples.

Stewed Apples creative activity about the Bible story of Joseph being reconciled with his brothers To be used in a Sunday school lesson kids church kids ministry childrens ministriy childrens work Bible lesson

What do you need:

- a jam pot with a lid for each child (or if this is not possible, a plastic cup, foil and elastic bands).
- a label for each child, one you can stick onto the pot, or hang round the pot with a piece of string
- pens to decorate the label
- stewing apples
- knives
- sugar
- cinnamon
- water
- an electric hot plate
- a saucepan and wooden spoon
- a recipe for stewed apples

Download the idea below:

Because this is an idea with quite a lot of text, you can download the idea in a PDF file below...

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