Object lesson - Joseph forgives his brothers: ‘Bitter or better?’

Use this creative activity to teach about the Bible story of Joseph reconciling with his brothers

Joseph has been through so much suffering that he could easily have become bitter. A fun creative activity about the Bible story of Joseph being reconciled with his brothers in Egypt.

Bitter or Better a creative activity about the Bible story of Joseph being reconciled with his brothers. To be used in Sunday school lesson kids church kids ministry childrens ministriy Bible lesson

What do you need:

- worksheet
- grapefruit
- (toy) diamond
- pearl – not a real one!
- 4 large envelopes with a picture of a key on each one.
- 4 sheets of paper, each with one of the following phrases:
- ‘Generous’
- ‘Don’t take revenge’
- ‘Be loving’
- ‘See God’

Download the idea and worksheets below:

Because this is an idea with quite a lot of text and worksheets, you can download the idea and worksheets in a PDF file below...

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