Object lesson - Joseph meets his brothers: ‘Do you recognise that?’

A short introduction to the Bible story of Joseph meeting his brothers for the first time in Egypt.

Do you recognize that use this fun childrens moment to talk about the Bible story of Joseph meetings his brothers in Egypt for the first time. Ideal for a Sunday school lesson kids ministry or childrens church

What do you do:


Beforehand, record the voices of a few people in the church/children’s club on your mobile phone.

What do you do:

Invite the children to come to the front (if you’re in a church service).

Tell the children – today we’re going to hear in the Bible story that Joseph’s brothers see him after twenty years have passed, and do you know what? They don’t recognise him. He looks completely different, and speaks a different language.

I wonder how good you are at recognising people. I’ve recorded the voices of a few people from the church (or club) – see if you can recognise who it is. If not, you can always ask the adults to help!

Play the recordings one by one and ask the children whose voice it it.

Tell the children: Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s really hard to recognise someone when you can only hear their voice. In the Bible story today Joseph recognises his brothers straight away. But even Benjamin, his favourite brother, doesn’t recognise him. Strange, isn’t it?

Let’s listen to the story.


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