632. Joseph and Pharaoh - a Sunday School lesson

Discover this complete Sunday school lesson on Joseph and Pharaoh

We offer you ten creative ideas that you can use in your Sunday school, kids ministry, children's church or youth work on the Bible story of Joseph in Egypt

Joseph and Pharaoh a complete Sunday school lesson with ten creative ideas. Ideal for a Sunday school lesson kids ministry or childrens church

The Sunday School lesson consists of the following ideas:

Idea 622:    I feel like apple pie! - Children's Moment

Idea 623:    Yum Yum! - Icebreaker

Idea 624:    YouTube Video and Discussion – Nobody Nose Cleopatra

Idea 625:    The difference between looking and seeing - a fun science experiment

Idea 626:    Waiting for the dream to come true - a fun craft activity

Idea 627:    A glimpse into the heart of God - a craft activity

Idea 628:    A wall of dreams - a creative / personal activity

Idea 629:    Let’s collect... - a fun Bible game

Idea 630:    The lucky dip - a fun Bible game 

Idea 631:    God is involved - an idea for creative prayer

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