621. Joseph and Potiphar's wife - a Sunday School lesson

Discover this complete Sunday school lesson on Joseph and the wife of Potiphar

We offer you eleven creative ideas that you can use in your Sunday school, kids ministry, children's church or youth work on the Bible story of Joseph in Egypt

Joseph and Potiphars wife a complete Sunday school lesson with eleven creative ideas

The Sunday School lesson consist fo the following ideas:

Idea 610:    The layers of an onion - Children's Moment

Idea 611:    Number 1?! - Icebreaker

Idea 612:    How do I tell the story of Joseph and Potiphar's wife - five Storytelling Tips

Idea 613:    YouTube Video and Discussion – The Egyptian Pyramids

Idea 614:    The floating / sinking orange - a fun science experiment

Idea 615:    Do you recognize all the emotions? - Creative Activity

Idea 616:    The longest chain in the world - Creative Activity

Idea 617:    A reflecting mirror - Creative Activity

Idea 618:    Build a pyramid - A Bible Game

Idea 619:    Going against the current - A Bible Game

Idea 620:    A ball and chain - A Crafts Idea

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