Sunday School lesson - OT - Joseph 2: ‘Joseph thrown into the well’

Download the PFD booklet with eleven great ideas on the Bible story of Joseph

Are you looking for a complete Sunday school lesson on the Bible story of Joseph's jealous brothers who grab Joseph, rip off his beautiful coat and throw him into the pit in Genesis 37: 12 - 36?Joseph thrown into the pit a complete Sunday school lesson with 11 creative ideas

We offer you the following eleven creative ideas for your Sunday school lesson.

We understand that these eleven ideas are way too many to fit into just one Sunday school lesson, but we want to give you the opportunity to pick and mix, so that you can choose the ideas that fit with you and with your group of children.

Here are the following eleven ideas for your Sunday school lesson for you to choose from:

*  Keep the balloon up - an introductory activity
*  Throw it away! - a children's moment
*  The lying brothers - an icebreaker
*  How do I tell the story of Joseph in the pit? - three storytelling tips
*  The Unlucky Bait - YouTube video and discussion
*  Colours that run together - a fun science experiment
*  What are you worth? - a creative activity
*  The case against Ruben - a creative activity
*  Who are the bad brothers? - a Bible game
*  Throw it into the pit! - a Bible game
*  A cry from the pit - a creative prayer idea

Download the PDF booklet with all these ideas

We have created an illustrated PDF booklet containing these eleven creative ideas. Using this PDF booklet you can print all these ideas at home at your leisure.

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