Object lesson - Joseph in the well: ‘The case against Ruben’

Use this creative activity to think about Ruben's role in the Bible story of Joseph 

Which role does Ruben play in this story? Is he guilty or innocent? In a court case the children are going to look for the answer.

The case against Ruben a creative activity for Sunday school or kids church about the Bible story of Jospeh and his coat of many colours

Tell the children about Ruben – he was Joseph’s oldest brother. When he hears that his other brothers want to kill Joseph, he suggests that they throw Joseph in the pit, so that he can rescue him later and bring him back to their father.

Ruben isn’t there when his brothers sell Joseph, and when he hears this he is so sad that he tears his clothes. Together with his other brothers he smears Joseph’s coat with goat’s blood and tells his father Jacob that Joseph is dead.

Today we’re going to hold a court case. In a court case you have judges, a prosecutor and and someone who defends the accused person. The question is – is Ruben guilty or not?

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