596. Your name written on the palms of His hands - UV reactive putty

Use this fun object lesson to teach on the Bible verse in Isaiah 49:16

In Isaiah 49:16 we read "See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands." God has written our names in the palms of His hands.

Do you know UV Reactive Putty? You can use this as an object lesson. You can write with the included UV pen in the putty and you''ll see it change in colour. This means that you can write with the UV pen in the putty. You can write for example your name in the putty, but it will disappear after a minute.

Your name written on the palms of His hands a eeally fun object lesson with UV reactive putty

This creates a very easy link to the Bible verse of Isaiah 49:16. Our names will disappear very quickly from the putty, but we may know that our names will be forever written in the hands of God!

You can buy this UV Reactive putty here through Amazon.com and here through Amazon.co.uk

Have fun with it!



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