Sunday School lesson - OT - Joseph 1: ‘Joseph and his coat of many colours’ - FREE

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Are you looking for a complete Sunday school lesson on the Bible story of Joseph the Dreamer, Jacob's favorite son who gets to wear his coat of many colours in Genesis 37: 1 - 11?

Joseph and his coat of many colours a complete Sunday school lesson with 12 creative ideasWe offer you the following twelve creative ideas for your Sunday school lesson.

We understand that these twelve ideas are way too many to fit into just one Sunday school lesson, but we want to give you the opportunity to pick and mix, so that you can choose the ideas that fit with you and with your group of children.

Here are the following twelve ideas for your Sunday school lesson for you to choose from:

*  The coolest coat ever - an introductory activity
*  Live your dream - a children's moment
*  That’s not fair - an icebreaker
*  How do I tell the story of Joseph - three storytelling tips
*  Swing - YouTube video and discussion
*  Naming the colours - a fun science experiment
*  What do you see? - a creative activity
*  Bullying always hurts - a creative activity
*  Green with jealousy - a creative activity
*  What do you hate? - a Bible game
*  I am a caterpillar - a Bible game
*  A coat of love - a creative prayer idea

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Download the booklet:  'Joseph and his coat of many colours'


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