Prayer idea - Joseph’s coat: ‘The coat of love’

Use this fun creative prayer idea to teach about the Bible story of Joseph and his coat of many colours

Joseph is given a cloak of love by his father Jacob. Today we are going to make a cloak of love for God.

A Coat of Love a creative prayer idea about the Bible story of Joseph and his coat of many colours

What do you need:

- a large cardboard cloak - download here: Coat-of-Joseph---Creative-Prayer-Idea.pdf
- coloured strips of paper
- pens
- paper glue

What do you do:

Tell the children that Jacob loves Joseph so much that he gives him a coloured cloak. Just as Jacob loves Joseph so many Christians love the Lord God.
Shall we make a cloak of love for God?

Each child can choose a strip of paper in their favourite colour. Ask them to write or draw something on the paper – something that they are happy about, or something that they want to thank God for.
They can stick their strips of paper onto the cloak as a symbol of their prayer. In this way the group can give God a cloak of love.

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