Sunday School lesson - NT - Christmas 1: Zechariah meets the angel Gabriel - FREE

This is part 1 of our series of complete Sunday school lessons for advent and Christmas Day.

First advent Sunday – Zechariah meets the angel Gabriel who tells him that he and his wife Elisabeth are going to have a child, John.
Second advent Sunday – Mary is visited by the angel Gabriel who tells her that she will become pregnant and bear a child, who will be called the Son of God.
Third advent Sunday – Mary goes to visit Elisabeth.
Fourth advent Sunday – The birth of John the Baptist and the song of Zechariah.
Christmas Day – The birth of Jesus

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The Sunday School lesson consists of the following ideas:

Discarded or valuable?

What number did you throw? - a Bible game / Icebreaker

YouTube video and discussion – One Day

Experiment – The Impossible Sum

No nice gift for Zachariah? - a creative activity

Who is the angel Gabriel? - a creative activity

Who can you trust? - a creative activity

What did you say? - a Bible game

I think God is really special, because... - a Bible game

Keep that straw under your nose! - a fun Bible game


Download the PDF booklet with all these ideas:

We have created an illustrated PDF booklet containing these creative ideas. Using this PDF booklet you can print all these ideas at home at your leisure: see below.

You can download the PDF here: Zechariah_meets_the_angel_Gabriel_-_Sunday_school_lesson.pdf




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