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Use this fun game to teach about the story of the priest Zechariah meeting the angel Gabriel

Zechariah is unable to speak, at least for the next few months. How is he going to communicate and let people know what he means?

This idea is part of a complete Sunday school lesson on Zechariah meeting the angel Gabriel, as part of our series for advent and Christmas.

What did you say a fun game about the Bible story of Zacharias meeting the angel Gabriel in the temple


What to do:

For children up to the age of 7:
Give the children easy tasks that they have to mime to the rest of the group. For example:

I’m angry
I’m happy
I’m sad
I want an ice cream
I want to go to sleep
I want to show you something
I’m scared

For children from the age of 8:
Give the children harder things to act out. Tell them that they are Zechariah and can’t talk, but have to tell the following things using just mime and their facial expressions:

“You’ll never guess what just happened”…..
“I’ve just seen an angel!”…..
“He told me that you’re going to have a baby”…..
“The child will be really special”…..
“He is going to prepare people for the coming of the Lord”…..
“He is going to help parents and children to get on better with each other”…..
“He’s going to teach bad people to become good again”…..
“I didn’t believe the angel and that’s why I can’t talk any more”…..


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