Object lesson - Zechariah meets Gabriel: No nice gift for Zechariah - FREE

Use this creative activity to teach about the story of the priest Zechariah meeting the angel Gabriel

Zechariah and his wife Elisabeth had prayed for a son. But nothing happened and now it’s too late. Now they’re too old to have children.

This idea is part of a complete Sunday school lesson on Zechariah meeting the angel Gabriel, as part of our series for advent and Christmas.

No nice gift for Zacharias a creative activity about the Bible story of Zacharias meeting the angel Gabriel in the tempel


What do you need: 

- a beautifully wrapped present

What to do:

Show the children the present. Ask them – if this present would contain the one thing you really really want, the thing that would make you happiest, what would be in it?
Show the present once again and ask the children which gift Zachariah wanted most of all (a son). How do you think he felt?

Imagine that you’re an athlete who really wants to take part in the Olympic games. You’ve trained really really hard, but every time your trainer says ‘You’re not good enough yet’.
Now you’re eighty years old and use a walking aid, and suddenly the trainer says ‘Now you can take part in the Olympic games. What would you think?
Zechariah felt just like the Olympic athlete. He had given up his dream of having a son a long time ago. It was much too late!

How would you react if you were Zechariah? Would you believe the angel, or would you also ask for proof?

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