Object lesson - Mary and Gabriel: Your majesty - FREE

A fun creative activity about the Bible story of Mary's meeting with the angel Gabriel

Gabriel tells Mary that her son Jesus will be the king of Israel and that he will reign for ever. How does it feel to be a king?

This idea is part of a complete Sunday school lesson on Mary meeting the angel Gabriel as part of our series for advent and Christmas.

Your Majesty a fun idea


What do you need:

- a paper crown, beautifully decorated

What do you do:

Who knows what the angel Gabriel told Mary? (He told her that Jesus would be a King.)
What does a king or queen do? What do people do when they see a king or queen? (They honour the king or queen.)
Who knows what this means?
What do you do to honour a king or a queen?

The children take it in turns to be the king or queen.
They put on the crown and walk around the room pretending to be royal.
The other children then ‘honour’ them – cheering, clapping, making way for them.
When each child has had a turn, ask them what it felt like to be a king or queen.

What did you like/ not like about it?
What kind of king will Jesus be, do you think?
What kind of king did Mary think that her son will be?

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