YouTube video - Mary and Gabriel: ‘Eggs change’

Using this secular YouTube film you can talk with the children about motherhood and go deeper into the meaning of the Bible story of Mary meeting the angel Gabriel

A chicken has just laid an egg and wants to hatch it out, but the farmer takes it away. A struggle ensues between the chicken and the farmer, but in the end the farmer succeeds in taking the egg away. The chicken doesn’t let it rest, and she ends up taking the farmer’s baby to ‘hatch out’.

This idea is part of a complete Sunday school lesson on Mary meeting the angel Gabriel as part of our series for advent and Christmas.

Eggs Change

Why does this film go with today’s Bible story?

This film is about mothers – about how protective they are of their children. And it ends with a baby in a stable!

Important questions:

It’s important to always watch the film yourself beforehand and to ask yourself:

- do I want to show this to the children?
- does this film work in the context and age-range of the children I am working with?

If you choose to show this YouTube video, we suggest you use the following steps:

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