563. Icebreaker – the king that loves marshmallows!

A fun way to introduce the theme of Mary meeting Gabriel

The king that loves marshmallows

What do you need:

- a big bag of marshmallows

What do you do:

Have the children sit in a circle on the ground.

One by one the children introduce themselves, and are given three marshmallows, which they have to put in front of them.

One of the children starts as the king/queen. He or she stands in the middle of the circle. The aim is for the king to try and take the marshmallows from the children. The children can prevent this by calling out the name of another child if the king tries to take a marshmallow from them. If they say a name before the king has taken their marshmallow, the king has to then run to the child whose name has been called and take a marshmallow from them. But if that child also calls out the name of another child before their marshmallow has been taken…..then the king has to go to that child. And so on!

If the king does succeed in taking a marshmallow, they can eat it, and the child whose marshmallow was taken becomes the king.

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