Object lesson - Zechariah meets Gabriel: Discarded or valuable? - FREE

You can use this as a children’s moment or an introduction to the story of the priest Zechariah meeting the angel Gabriel in the temple

This idea is part of a complete Sunday School lesson on Zechariah meeting the angel Gabriel, as part of our series for advent and Christmas. 

Discarded or valuable a childrens moment about the Bible story of the priest Zacharias meeting the angel Gabriel in the temple in Jerusalem


What do you need: 

- an old fashioned rotary telephone
- a modern mobile Phone

What do you do: 

Show the children the old telephone: ‘I haven’t seen one of these for ages, I thought they had all been thrown away.

Do you know what it is? Everyone use to have these at home, but now they have all been discarded.

Show the children the new mobile phone: ‘So, that’s better! At least with this phone you can use WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, internet etc.

But do you know which is the best phone to make a phone call with? The new mobile or the old fashioned telephone? Actually it doesn’t matter at all. You can use both to make a phone call. And yet we have discarded the old telephones. New is better!

Today our Bible story is about Zechariah. Zechariah feels old and discarded. For years and years he has prayed and hoped for the most special moment in his life. But it hasn’t happened.

He may well feel discarded, just like this old telephone, but in this story Zechariah discovers that he is still very valuable!

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