Object lesson: ‘Make a rainbow with Skittles’ - Noah / God's promises / fruit of the Spirit

A fun activity that you can use for different Bible stories and Biblical themes.

Of course there is the rainbow in the story of Noah and the ark. But, for example, you can also use this in the story of the calming of the storm on the lake.

rainbow skittles

I llike to use it to help the children look at different promises in Gods word, as the rainbow is a sign of Gods promise, but you can also use it to look at the theme of the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit. All the fruit and the gifts are different, like the colours in the rainbow, but each one is important. You can also link the Skittles to the Body of Christ. As believers we are the Body of Christ. We are all different. We are all colourful and that is good! Unity doesn't lie in being the same, just as a rainbow doesn't consist of one colour. Each person and each colour is important. 

Biblical themes:

Gods promises, fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Body of Christ, unity 

Watch the video below

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