560. What makes your heart bubble up? - a Creative Prayer idea

What makes your heart bubble up a creative prayer idea for kids about praising God

An idea to help children to talk / communicate with God

A creative prayer idea about praising God. To be used with the story of Mary meeting Elisabeth and her song!

What do you need:

- bottles of bubble mix
- food colouring
- paper hearts and pens

What to do:

Put a few drops of food colouring in each of the bottles of bubble mix – a different colour in each bottle gives the best effect.

Give the children a paper heart and ask them to write things that they are thankful for, and what they want to thank God for.

Then show them how they can blow bubbles up against the paper hearts. When the bubbles burst they will leave their colour behind on the paper. The children can blow different colour bubbles to make a nice effect on their paper hearts.


Tags: Prayer ideas, 'Free ideas', Christmas, Advent