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Prayer idea - Mary and Elisabeth: ‘What are you full of?’

An idea to help children to talk / communicate with God

What are you full of a creative prayer idea for kids about being thankful

A creative prayer idea about being thankful. To be used with the story of Mary meeting Elisabeth and her song!

What do you need:

- balloons

What to do:

Tell the children how Mary was full of what was happening to her….and that she was full of the Holy Spirit. She was about to burst with it!

Give each child a balloon and ask them to blow it up but don’t tie it. When the balloons have been blown up, ask the children ‘What are you full of?’ ‘What are you excited about?’ You could also ask them ‘What are you thankful for?’

The children can take it in turns to give their answer, and then let the balloon go – this will fly round the room as it empties!


Tags: Creative Prayer , Christmas , Advent , Zechariah & Elisabeth, Mary & Joseph