Game - Follow Me: ‘Seek the fish’

An idea that kids as they come in...

This is an idea that children can be doing before the programme has actually started, as they come in.

You can use it for example with the story of Peter who has been fishing all night and hasn’t caught anything. The following day Jesus helps him to catch lots of fish and even calls him to become a fisher of men.

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Fishers of men, come follow me, the calling of disciples, miraculous catch of fish, calling of Peter

What do you need:

- 12 cut-out fishes
- pen
- felt pens of coloured pencils
- a strip of paper for each child

A complete programme for your Sunday school

This idea is part of a complete Sunday school / kids ministry programme about the calling of the disciples and the miraculous catch of fish.

Idea 542.    Introductory game – seek the fish!
Idea 543.    Children’s moment / introduction: what is your job?
Idea 544.    Catch the balloon with your funnelatch the balloon with your funnel
Idea 545.    A fun way to tell the story of the miraculous catch of fish
Idea 546.    Creative activity / YouTube video - the calling of Peter
Idea 547.    Game – balloon crab!
Idea 548.    Craft activity – a row of disciples

What to do:

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