Object lesson: 'Learning to look with Gods eyes' - is it a duck or a rabbit?

An object lesson about looking at things through God's eyes

Do you know this optical illusion? It is a rabbit or a duck? Depends how you turn the picture. This optical illusion can be used as a short introduction to any Bible story in which Jesus or God acts completely different than expected!

What do you need:

A4 print out of the duck/rabbit illustration ( 6MB) download: duck_rabbit_magic_care.jpg


 duck rabbit magic care screen     



This illustration is special – if you hold it horizontally you’ll see a rabbit, and if you hold it vertically you’ll see a duck.

You show the kids the rabbit and ask them what they see - a rabbit!

Sometimes we can be so sure of ourselves. We think we know the truth and that we always see the truth, but sometimes God looks at things in a completely different way! 

Turn the rabbit ninety degrees and it becomes a duck! 

Today we are going to hear a Bible story in which God / Jesus acts completely different than expected! 

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