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Crafts idea - Through the roof: ‘Create your own story sticks’

Create your own story sticks so you can tell the story of the paralyzed man

If you have used the four ‘story sticks’ to tell the story of the paralysed man, then it’s a great idea to have the children make their own story sticks so they can practice telling the story at home.

You can do this with strips of cardboard and lolly sticks, or wooden sticks with small nuts and bolts. Wooden lolly sticks work well too – if you make holes in them beforehand the children can make them with split pens.

story sticks 1


The paralyzed man healed by Jesus, the story of the man through the roof 

A complete programme for your Sunday school

This idea is part of a complete Sunday school / kids ministry programme about the story of the man lowered through the roof.

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What do you need for each child:

- four strips of card and three split pens OR wooden lolly sticks and split pens OR…
- four thin pieces of wood, and nuts and bolts.


Attach the four strips of card or wood together in the following way.

create sticks

When the children have done this (they can of course decorate them before putting them together), they can practice telling the story. Here you can see most of the forms that you need to make to tell the story:

story sticks


Fig. 1 The legs of the paralysed man


Fig. 2 The window of the house where Jesus was


Fig. 3 The paralysed man’s bed, or the flat roof of the house


Fig. 4 The house where Jesus was


Fig. 5 The stairs behind the house


Fig. 6  The letter M for the paralyzes Man or maybe his name Mark / Matthew


Fig. 7 The letter W to express the frustration of the Pharisees saying: "What?!"



It’s also fun to help the children practise the numbers 1 – 4.




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