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YouTube video - Through the roof’: ‘Never without my denture’

With the help of a secular YouTube film you can explore the story of the paralysed man

This YouTube film shows four elderly people in a search for the remote control of their television which has been confiscated.

Never without my denture

It’s easy to find a link between this story and the Bible story in which four friends had to work together to bring their paralyzed friend to Jesus.


The paralyzed man healed by Jesus, the story of the man through the roof

Important question:

It’s important to watch the video yourself first and to decide if you want to show it to the children? Does it fit within your context and the age of the children?

A complete programme for your Sunday school

This idea is part of a complete Sunday school / kids ministry programme about the story of the man lowered through the roof.

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Watch the video below:

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