Experiment - Through the roof: ‘Bubble fight’

A fun experiment about the story of the man through the roof

The four friends in the story lowered the paralysed man through the roof. Then, when he is lying on the ground it doesn’t look as if anything is happening. Jesus says to him, ‘Your sins are forgiven’. But you can’t see that, and the man is still paralysed. Then the visible miracle happens – he sits up, stands up and starts walking.

This is a very easy experiment you can do with the children to illustrate this. 

glas maiskorrels

What do you need:

- a glass of water
- carbonated (fizzy) water
- some sweetcorn
- a few raisins


The paralyzed man healed by Jesus, the story of the man through the roof

A complete programme for your Sunday school

This idea is part of a complete Sunday school / kids ministry programme about the story of the man lowered through the roof.

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What to do:

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