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YouTube video - Jesus’ sacrificial love: ‘Broken: rock, paper, scissors’ - FREE

With the help of a secular YouTube film and a creative activity you can explore Jesus’ sacrificial love.

This YouTube film shows the story of a paper creature that is attacked by a pair of scissors. Rock sees what is happening and he attacks Scissors out of compassion for Paper. Rock wins from Scissors but gets wounded. Rock carries Paper to a safe place, but because in the game Paper always beats Rock, he starts to crumble even as he is carrying her to safety. He therefore demonstrates sacrificial love.


It’s easy to find a link between this story and the incident when Jesus touches the leper and makes him promise not to tell anyone. The leper does tell everyone that Jesus touched and healed him. It has been centuries since anyone healed a leper – back in the time of the prophet Elisha, when general Naaman was healed. If Jesus can heal even a leper, surely he can help anyone! As Jesus had expected, large crowds came to see him – so large that he was no longer able to go into the villages and towns. His compassion for the man with leprosy, and the fact that the man was too excited to keep it to himself meant that Jesus was forced to retreat to more remote places. Jesus experienced a degree of suffering because of his compassion for this man.

Of course you can also use this video to teach on Jesus' death on the cross and his resurrection!


Jesus healing the leper, sacrificial love, Jesus' death and resurrection

Important question:

It’s important to watch the video yourself first and to decide if you want to show it to the children? Does it fit within your context and the age of the children?

What do you do:

Step 1: Have the children play the game ‘Rock, paper, scissors’. You could play it for a few minutes and have them change partners half way through.

If you don’t know the game, you can watch this link.

Step 2: Watch the video together, and possible one more time after completing step 3.

Step 3
: Discuss the video using six worksheets which you can download here: Broken---Rock-Paper-Sciccors.pdf

The worksheets consist of the following images: 

- rock
- scissors
- paper
- the illness leprosy
- Jesus
- the ill man

1. Print the six images out and show them to the children
2. Ask the children to make three pairs of the images – which ones belong together?
3. Who represents Jesus in the video? (the rock) – why do you agree or not agree?
4. Who represents the ill man? (the paper) – why do you agree or not agree?
5. Who represents the illness? (the scissors) – why do you agree or not agree?



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