Crafts idea: ‘Create activity cards for advent’

Let’s make a difference this Christmas

This is an interesting Advent idea for use at home or within your kids ministry or Sunday school lesson.

Create a pile of activity cards. Each Sunday of Advent, ask a child to pick one of the activity cards – hold them so that the child can’t see which card they are choosing. This card is the coming task for the coming week. You can fulfil this task as a group or as a family.

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You can think of lots of fun and interesting tasks such as:

- Make a Christmas card for someone
- Clean up the rubbish in your park
- Sweep the street
- Give food to a foodbank or to someone who needs it
- Buy a cup of coffee for a homeless person
- Make a present for someone who is lonely
- Give someone a compliment
- Create your own bird feeder
- Bake cookies and share them with neighbours and friends

You can think of twenty or more activities that you can do as a family or as a children’s group.


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