Object lesson: ‘Frozen lego figure’ - advent / Christmas

God is not far away from us. In Jesus He came so close…

A fun Christmas idea on God coming to us in His son Jesus. You can use this Advent idea at home or in your children’s ministry. 

Put a Lego figure into a small cup of water and put this into a freezer. Once it is frozen take it out and show it to the kids. Explain to them that when we celebrate Christmas we celebrate that God became like us. In Jesus He became a man. God is not very far away - show your hands and move them far away from the Lego figure in the ice. But through Jesus He has come very close – put your hands on the ice block.


By reading the Bible, praying and going to church we can grow closer to Him. This is what God wants for us, because He loves us so much. His love makes you warm. Shall we see if we can make this block of ice warm, so that it will melt. How can we do that?

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