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Experiment: ‘Floating egg’ - carrying each other’s burdens

What does it mean to be the salt of the earth?

Jesus described His followers in Matthew 5: 13-16 as the salt of the earth. In His time salt was used for preserving food and enhancing flavor. This means that He calls us to be both the“preservatives” and the “flavor enhancers” in this world. But maybe there is third meaning to being the salt of the earth. With this easy to do object lesson you can demonstrate to the children, youth or adults in your church that being salt can also mean that we carry each other’s burdens in Jesus’ name.

floating egg

But you can also use this experiment to illustrate:

- the Bible story of the four friends carrying the paralyzed men and lowering him down to Jesus through a hole in the roof. (Luke 5: 17-39)
- the Bible story of the apostle Paul escaping Damascus in a basket. (Acts 9:23-31)
- the Bible story of Rahab who helps the two spies escape from Jericho. (Joshua 2)
- the Bbile story of the floating axe head. (2 Kings 6: 1-7)

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